The courses in Master in Fire Safety are offered every second year.
On 0. semester, an access course for building technicians is offered.

Course of study 2017-2018

0. Semester – Fall 2016
11E16 Engineering Mathematics and Physics for Building Technicians

1. Semester – Spring 2017
11B04 Fire Chemistry
11B24 Building Fire Safety Engineering
11B25 Fire Dynamics

2. Semester – Fall 2017
11B01 Structural Fire Safety Design
11B11 Environmental Chemistry
11B12 Fire Modelling

3. Semester – Spring 2018
11B05 Fire Risk Management
11B13 Technical Fire Dimensioning
11B27 Complex Buildings (optional) or 11B28 Modelling of Buildings on Fire (optional)

4. Semester – Fall 2018
11MIB Fire Engineering Project Task


The courses are conducted in the described form if there are more than 9 participants.
* The Satellite Courses are disconnected from the education and are not part of the study.